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Our services

We offer befitting services for the Maintenance, Repair and Operations ( MRO) and all technical spend for industrial companies. 


We help to improve your total cost of MRO management and also consider other costs related to administrative tasks, inventory, management and handling. 


We also never forget that the most critical thing for you is to have the parts you need, when you need!


MRO Sourcing and Logistics:


We will make you benefit from our unique sourcing expertise and procurement power but will also provide our logistics knowledge for fast delivery or for remote locations. 

Integrated Solution:


In addition, we provide financial and storage solutions or any combination of the solutions which are part of ourportfolio.

Our solutions are innovative, evolutive and depending your situation and expectations.


Our team of specialists will be happy to meet you and evaluate your inventory and situation to understand your priorities, objectives and concerns. Then, we will jointly define the roadmap to transform efficiently your MRO business withthe ad-hoc solutions from our portfolio.


Access our full range of solutions.

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