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One supplier solution

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The biggest challenge in operating a technical store is to manage the high number of products and related suppliers.


The diversity and complexity is adding hidden costs from the sourcing to the physical management and paperwork. 


Whatever the size of your industrial site, your production set-up cannot avoid the wide range of parts required to keep it running: bearing, belts, motors, pneumatic and hydraulic, tools, automation.


Every year you also receive loads of suppliers’ communications informing you about price increase, new contact, new invoicing process.


At ST2M, we take all this complexity and offer you a simple process to order and deliver all your parts! We provide you with a solution for 100% of your parts and organize a consolidated delivery at the frequency that fits your needs. 


Most importantly, the total cost of your operations will go down and the availability of the parts will go up. This will free up some time and resources in your facility to focus on your core business.

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